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spoOkytime jingles COLLECTORS TREE

the SpookyTime Jingles
2010 Halloween Collectors Tree
is here and YOU could be the lucky winner!

ooooh BOY...this thing is AWESOME.
a 6 foot, fully decorated halloween tree.
spookytime jingles artists have created
over 35 original ornaments for this tree!
it comes with a handpainted tree skirt and
fabulous MOON tree topper!!!


you can see it in person at the Nat'l Halloween
Convention next week, if you're going! BUT,
you can also buy raffle tickets, for your
chance to win, right HERE !!!!

(The proceeds of this Raffle Tree go to our STJ Artisans
to assist them in their travel plans to participate in our
STJ SOIREE!! Many of you asked for an East Coast show,
so help us make it the best ever! Winner Drawn in May!

good luck:):) xoxox


Sophia said...

Hello. Hello! Sorry it has been awhile since I have been by. Still been sick quite a bit and once again, just now getting up and about. Hope you are well.

LOVE the tree! :)


1 Funky Woman said...

Jen, I wold love to go there! I did a post today on my 6th picture taken when I started my blog and it was of my Halloween decor. I am the halloween queen around here so anything Halloween is right up my alley. I have 2 big black trees for Halloween. I can only imagine how amazing that tree is!