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team-up thursday

**click on pic to see large and in charge!**

r o u t i n e

that is our team-up thursday theme for this week. and can i tell you how much i love the image carissa captured! that sweet girl with her matching socks. getting ready to tackle her day. i'm thinking there is no task to small when you are wearing striped pink socks. don't you think?

and my image...the vacuum. i used to vacuum every day. let's be it's like every other day. sure, that means crumbs and cat hair are hanging out a little longer than i would like. but really. it's impossible. IMPOSSIBLE to keep a clean house with 2 boys and a husband. i mean really. i clean something and it's a mess 3 seconds later. okay, 1 second later! thank you vacuum for being a part of my routine...for helping me to keep a handle on the messes;)

i was torn between 2 images this week. my other image was henry on his daily quest to find his other spider man sock. can you believe we both had images of our kids with socks! i know...i love my partner:) had to share it with you. every day, before school, henry tries to find this missing sock. it's so cute. he never gets mad or sad about it. just "hmmm. maybe you can find it while i'm at school mom". but the sock is long gone. gone to the mysterious missing sock land. i was telling carissa...i should really find that sweet boy another pair of spider man socks.



elsiee said...

yes mommy I do believe that your sweet seeking non sad non angry one missing spiderman sock boy has a full pair coming to him for sure!!

michelle said...

If I find Spiderman socks I am sending them to that cute boy! I am impressed you vacuum that often, the uselessness of cleaning my house is making me nuts this week with my kids home for Spring break!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i sure love you... you "kook"! :O)

those laughs yesterday were GREAT!
so lucky to have you as my partner.
a light in my week always!

and all i know... anytime i see spiderman socks...
i will only thing of one cutie! and... if i spy some in a store... SCORE... they'll head his way! :O)

big hugs... from the other "kook"!
yall have FUN!!!!!!!

Megan said...

this is a great theme b/c it so captures the everyday things we often forget to photograph. although i don't think i'm photographing me vacuuming anytime soon ;). btw: if you ever find a map to "missing sockland", give me a copy!

Corey~living and loving said...

what a fun theme....and a great diptych.

Killlashandra said...

I love your theme of routine for this week. Routines are so important to keep sometimes crazy lives together. The daily routine of putting socks in is very cute. Although I can relate to the what almost feels like daily routine of vacuuming even more. LOL

Liz said...

Only YOU could make a vacuum look so darned adorable! xoxo... miss you... Liz

hipMomma said...

Even though our day is always full of routine I think i would have found it hard to photograph. You two did great! And even though I like your dip as is, we would have cried, "too coincidental" if you both had kiddos and socks. Perfect pair again.

jdavissquared said...

oh, poor little guy! that's so sweet that he looks every day.