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vintage tuesday

tuesday is here! and holy moly is it vintage at its best!!! chris and i found some major treasures last week...especially in the vintage BIKE department. you'll see what i mean a few pictures down. but first...before i could enjoy any of these things...i came down with STREP last week. what the HECK. am i a disease magnet, or what, this year? i actually thought i had mono. my throat was so sore. i was exhausted beyond belief. but no. the sore throat kept getting worse. to the point that i thought i was dying for sure. yuck. that is some horrid pain. finally went to the doc. got on antibiotics and voila...feeling better. ooooh thank you! but, behind on everything. as usual. don't mind me. :):):)

back to vintage tuesday!!!

introducing my husband's new obsession and love interest...

yep a freaking vintage men's raleigh bike. in crazy good condition. i'm pretty sure he wants to marry it.

and we found a super duper cool purple/fuschia men's vintage schwinn. both of these bikes are from the 60's. chris is detailing them and fixing them up. i'll show you more pics. soon:)

and i found an old bike basket for my little vintage ride. ching, ching!

i'm off to tackle the day! sure hope YOU have a spectacular one. see ya soon!!!
p.s. still haven't shared with you my beyond FUN weekend with catherine and her cute family. thankfully, my sweet pal is way more on the ball than me and posted TONS of awesome pics. on her blog. check it out HERE!!! love you catherine!!!!!

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HipMomma said...

Ooh, can't wait to see more pics of the bikes!