noodle and lou

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i can't believe it's true!
only a few short days left!
we are on the countdown...
BIG excitement here people.
we have parties and parades
and field days and celebrations...
and then...

so i'll be savoring these last
few minutes of kindergarten
and 4th grade. my boys are
growing up fast!


p.s. back to our regular team-up
schedule next thursday! yay!


Anonymous said...

now it's time to plan for the days when school is the last thought!

what ever will you do!

ciao bella
and I love the clever 'announcement' use of your chalkboard!

creative carmelina

Good Girls Studio said...

Crazy how time flies! I can't believe my baby boy is going into 3rd grade next year! Cheers to a relaxed carefree summer!

Vickie said...

Warning! Don't publish any comments in Chinese that come from an unfamiliar source. My blog was hacked.

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Same boat here...Summer is on it's way and we will be at the pool, beach and playing in the yard.

Heather said...

Hehehe....ah, summer! Its nearly here! I'm still counting in YEARS for PreK to more school year to go and then Mama gets a half day! woo hoo!

Jill said...

We are counting down the days too! I'm so ready for "homework-free" nights! Have a great weekend!