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team-up thursday

hooray, hooray!!!
it's team-up thursday!


it's the last day of school!!!!
the boys are out at 10:30 this morning.
can you believe it!
summer is here!!!

so, of course our team-up thursday
theme for the week is...

sure missed my sweet partner these past few weeks!
have you seen her gorgeous photos from her trip?
mighty fabulous you guys! check it out!

so we both celebrate the start of summer today!
basking in the sun...
planning summer trips...

what are YOUR plans for the summer?

i have big news actually. not only a summer trip...
a summer MOVE

we are moving to TEXAS you guys!
in just a couple short months! it
is wonderful news for our family.
now if i can just get on board with
the whole moving process:) more
details soon...i haven't done a single
thing yet! like call movers or find a place
to live. minor details folks. minor details;)
we are headed to the arlington area...
i'm open to all advice! anyone have a
darling but roomy house they'd like to
rent to us!? :):):)
happy thursday you guys! and a happy,
happy summer!



carissa... brown eyed fox said...

your summer is sure to have loads of fun & new adventure!
such an exciting time!
and to TEXAS...
be still my beating heart!
ya know you might open a box &
find me there.

missed you so!
hooray for dipping goodness!

have fun this weekend...
i KNOW you will.

whoooooop... summer is HERE!
fun awaits!

Janel said...

I was wondering when you were going to announce the happy for you and Chris!

So I did a quick tour thru rentals on craigslist. CUTE homes, even with pools, for next to nothing. Prices are very reasonable, I think you will be very happy in Arlington!

Here's to summer...yippee!

lulusparkles said...

happy days are here again!!!

Angela said...

Well, welcome!! I'm just east of Dallas and travel through Arlington on the way to my grandkids. Maybe I'll be able to see your treasures in person one of these days.

Jill said...

Today is my kids' last day of school too - yay! Congrats on your big move! Hope you're ready for HOT summers - ha.

Killlashandra said...

Wow Texas. If you drive through NM wave at us along the way. ;) Sounds like your summer will be full of travel and trips. I love the combo. Both image reminds me of summer.

My kids' last day of school is today too!

sUz said...

yAy for summer! soak up those yummy boys of yours jeNn :)
all the details will come together, usually not the way we expect but they always do.
sUz :)

Sophia said...

Wow - to Texas, ey?! Keep us posted! :)

And happy summer to you!