noodle and lou

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vintage tuesday

happy vintage tuesday!
anyone for a spot of tea?

yum, yum, yum!!
tea always tastes better out
of VINTAGE tea cups
don't you think:)

have a spectacularly fabulous day


koralee said...

Adorable!!!! I love vintage baby dishes..the first ones are amazing!!! Thanks for the fun today...have blessed one! xoxo

Jenny Stevning said...

Oh, I love the metal tea sets!! Good memories...good feelings.

hatjunkie said...

That picnic set is too cute.

Georgina said...

How I remember those sets. I got one every year for Christmas as a child. Thanks for the memories.

Jill said...

So sweet! Especially the ones with cats on them!

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Oh yes, out of the cups in that last lovely image please!
The first are very colorful and adorable too, though..

Have a happy day!

paperbird said...

absolutely they do. Your images are beautiful- so fun to come here.

Angela said...

Yes, I do think so...especially children's tin teacups! Yours are so sweet.