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vintage tuesday

some of my favorite vintage things this
week:) those fab drawers are catching the
attention of SO many people which just
delights me to no end! it is so cool to
rescue something so cool and have people
love it as much as me:) i like to imagine
the stories these old pieces could tell.
think of the mail that was delivered in that
old mail box...think of the person that
painstakingly made those drawers!

oh vintage. i love you:)
they don't make 'em like they used to:)

happy tuesday to you! xox...jenn


Sophia said...

I love your little vintage items as well. And yes, the drawers, too! :)

Annette Q said...

Oh pretty, those drawers! :-)

Angela said...

I always wish our good stuff could tell us it's stories.

Soggy Dog Studios said...

Seriously... where the hec do you find all these gems??
I especially love the drawers and the mailboxes!
Hope you are doing well... your boys are getting so big!!! Take care! ox - Kim

Anonymous said...

i just love those drawers too...they are classically rich looking and the nostalgia of it all..thinking of indexed library catalogues....


ciao bella
creative carmelina

Jennifer DeDonato said...

Those drawers are rockin!

jenny elkins said...

Your comment about the vintage pieces is so ture. What will vintage look like in the future???
pressed wood bookcases, grocery totes? I wonder.....