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sweet sweet friends...

well, it's been a week since we've returned home...and i've been dying to share pics of our trip to ann arbor with you! you know how fast a week goes by though. then i got sick. again. i'm blaming it on the fact that i was in 3 different dr. offices last week. i must have picked up a stomach thing along the way. yuck. i was already not feeling terrific from the dermatologist visit where he burned about 50 things off my face and neck. i'm not exaggerating. anyhooo...all better now. sort of.

back to our FUN weekend!!! catherine and her adorable family were the best hosts ever. we couldn't ask for sweeter friends. and we LOVED ann arbor to bits! so, grab a beverage...there are quite a few pics. to share with you (click on any photo to see it super sized BIG!)...i'm starting with their fab house!!

so sweet. so COZY. so full of color and light and fun. every detail...absolutely charming. catherine is a master at making a house feel like a HOME.

we loved, loved, loved hanging out in this happy house:) and they gave us lots of opportunities to do just that. we had TONS of yummy meals and drinks there:) cathy makes some delish quiche and potato salad...just to name a couple things. and ian can flat grill some chicken! mmmm mmmm:) they also were fabulous tour guides. showing us their cool town. we fell in love with ann arbor. so many great little places to shop and eat!

(little peek of molly's house! to. die. for!!!)

now...another FUN part of our visit was getting the chance to see tank and pearl! ohmygosh. pure cuteness.

both my children were ready to kidnap tank. look at him!!! good grief he is CUTE!

the kids enjoyed goofing off with each other too. drawing, snacking, video making, playing. lots o' fun!

we walked around the university of pretty. loved the architecture! these guys were super impressed too;)

okay...more tomorrow! i'll show you some pictures from red shoes!! beyond fabulous. i could have just stayed in there for hours. catherine is sooooo talented and amazing. yep. she sure is!


1 Funky Woman said...

Oh her house is so charming! I love her number pillow and the wooden sign behind the door looks cool! What exactly is it? It looks like the kiddos had a ton of fun! I love the last picture, looks like they are all tired out! How come no pictures of you, lol! They're wouldn't be any of me either!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh, from the red those AMAZING bright and cheery!
I love this...thanks for sharing.

Artfulife said...

Oh so very fun! Looks like you all had a blast. You are right, her house is to die for :)

Lenae May said...

What a wonderful trip and their home looks like living in a beautiful doll house!
You'll have to revisit during the big Street Art Show they have's pretty fabulous!
I haven't been around lately...your blog looks wonderful!
If you get a moment, stop in and join my free Great American Suffragette give away drawing. I think I remember you adding a Beatrice to your family.:)

Isabel said...

Her house is sooo Inspiring!!!LOVE the color and the yard!!:O)I love seeing how other people create a wonderful home:O) I read u are moving to Texas!! yay I live in Temple in between Dallas and Austin smack in the middle! I hope u enjoy ur stay in Texas:O) have a great day:O)

RED SHOES said...

well slap me silly! canNOT believe how nice you made my home look! :)
thanks for not showing the piles ;)
hee hee!
had SO much fun with you my sweet buddies...hope you'll come back before you head west to big ole Texas, I am getting misty just thinking about it!
love you guys!