noodle and lou

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team-up thursday

"there's an app for that!"
yep...that's our theme for
this week!

this team-up
dip was brought to you
by the fabulous app options
on the ol' iphone!

my pal
catherine told me about the
"old camera" app over the
weekend and well... i am in
love. i've been taking pics.
like crazy with it! everything
looks so GOOD!

click on the dip to see it BIG!

lovin' that perspective in carissa's!!!
and those COLORS! yummy.
and look at my jake.
such a handsome dude:)

what's YOUR favorite app!?

happy thursday everyone!


Killlashandra said...

Old Camera, what a neat idea for pictures. The b/w and the sun spots turned out great. And then the color is great I love the swirls in her dress. :)

CourtneyP said...

Like I told Carissa.... I am one of the only people without an iphone. Great pictures

Megan said...

brilliant theme -- you two are a hoot! i love the hipstamatic app for taking photos on my iphone. if you don't yet have it, you must get it!

HipMomma said...

Are you serious?? What a fun theme!! Gonna check out your app now. My current fave app is a game called Diner Dash. Addicting.