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vintage tuesday

vintage tuesday almost snuck right past me!
but that's what happens when it's summer...
the days blend into one another, don't they!?

we actually just returned home from a
fabulous trip to ann arbor to hang out with
our sweet friends. it was a whirlwind
weekend full of yummy food, AWESOME
company and beautiful sights! i'll post pics
soon! it was super fun to escape our regular
life and play in michigan for a few days!!

enjoy this sweet little croquet set for vintage
tuesday! it not only makes the perfect summer would look MIGHTY cute displayed
on a front porch or entryway...don't you think!?



**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

it's a wonderful Croquet set!
LOVE it!!!
You do find some amazing pieces.
We have friends in Ann Arbour but have never been. One day.


CourtneyP said...

I love crochet and that color green!!

Angela said...

Oh, it's so cute and I love the green!!