noodle and lou

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vintage tuesday

i wish i was packing my vintage bag
and hopping on a plane for paris.
or even poughkeepsie.
somewhere away from my present real world.
just for a day or two.
i'm feeling stressed out. overwhelmed.
a little yucky today. we all go through that!
it's good to share.

where would you go if you could hop on a
plane right this minute?



koralee said...

Oh I agree.....somewhere warm please. I adore that bag..I had one like that once. Hugs for a happy day my friend. xo

Susan said...

I'd hop a plane back to 1987. What a great year it was, mostly because I met my hubby then. Ahhhh.

p.s. Sending hugs and kisses your way.

Isabel said...

To the BEACH!!Surrounded by Beautiful Cottages:O)!! Have a Peaceful Day:O) Isabel

jami jensen said...

mmm i would go to london. or paris. *sigh*

Janel said...

Gosh, I think I would hop a plane to Florence, Italy. I could meander and get lost in all the glory of such an incredible city. But no worries, as there are "Gelataria'a" or "gelato" anywhere you look, in every flavor you can imagine. My fav is Pistachio. No one in the US makes anything comparable....and the cappuccino's....don't even get me started! The foam alone deserves it's own bragging rights! ohhhhh, how I wish I was there right this very moment...

thinking of you and your impending move. so not fun. I hope Arlington will be home for a long while, in a good way. Otherwise, I'm just sure you'll make it to Denver. You are almost here anyway! ;)

kisses, J

CourtneyP said...

Sorry your not quite yourself. I hate those kinds of days.... hope you find a better tomorrow!!!