noodle and lou

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vintage tuesday

happy tuesday you guys! i've been cleaning out
my studio. you know...more preparations for the
move! i have soooo many cute little vintage cards
and game pieces that i decided to make some
little noodle and lou vintage paper packs. they
are so much fun. it's like a little bag of goodness.
and how cute are those teeny tiny chalkware
letters!? you get 1 word in each pack:)

what are ya'll up to today!?

whatever it is...have FUN! xox...jenn

p.s. new painting over here...oh happy day!


Spacejams Vintage said...

I just finished my rainbow garland. It was rainy previous days, so that one cheered me up =)

Janel said...

I just finished up a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt and some computer work. I need to work this afternoon, but what I really want to do is to sit in the sun and just be for a few....

ps. my word verification is "mulen" as in mulling over the idea of palying hooky this afternoon. Yes? No?

izmir ila├žlama ┼čirketleri said...

nice sharing

Anonymous said...

I love that picture, xD, it's so simple and nice.