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vintage tuesday

new life to forgotten pieces. one of my most favorite things to tackle. on separate occasions, i found 2 fabulous (and super purposeful) OLD pieces of furniture. the 1st being an old farmhouse cabinet. solid wood with little shelves inside. completely roached with layers of funk and then some more layers of funk. the 2nd being a tall cabinet with sagging shelves. super old, hand constructed, sagging...but surprisingly strong! and beyond dirty. beyond. now, some people would run screaming when they see that much funk and grime. but i see potential! major storage and major character! just think of the stories these pieces could tell. you just need a whole bunch of good ol' fashioned elbow grease and a sander and some paint...a forgotten treasure given a new life. love that so much.

here is that old cabinet.

a good cleaning started to reveal some really cool chipped up paint. but the greyish green wasn't working for me...

a couple sandings...making sure not to sand all the way down to the original wood. i wanted to keep that chippy look under the new paint...

then on to some paint...i wanted something bright... a turquoise color. i apply with a brush in light layers. after the paint is dry, i go back over with the hand sander (love you hand sander). really concentrating on corners and edges and areas where there would be normal wear. i think this keeps the character of the piece...

i love it so much and am so happy to give it a home:)

and here is the tall cabinet. i found this in a basement workshop at an old farm. it was gross. even for my standards. i thought originally that i would knock those shelves out and replace them with new wood. but they were surprisingly strong! i wound up only knocking out the very bottom shelf and keeping the rest for now.

this next picture was after a couple sandings. paint was peeling off pretty bad and the grime on it was terrible.

i really liked the blue...but decided to go with a cheery yellow paint and white interior.

painted with a brush...a few layers right over the blue paint...and then sanded to let some of that original blue peek through. i wish the photo showed that better... but here ya go.

love it so much! this would have been thrown in the garbage and now it is sparkly clean and fresh and lives in jake's room holding legos and books! how cool is that.
happy tuesday everyone! i feel like i'm always asking forgiveness for not being a better blog pal lately. i just can't find the extra time to answer all your emails right now. i'm trying to spend time with the boys...pack up the prepare for this move. i'm overwhelmed most days for sure. i want you to know how much i appreciate your support. so much. thank you for not giving up on me. i sure do adore you all! xox...jenn


1 Funky Woman said...

Both pieces are fabulous! I love the turquoise color and I would love to have a piece like the yellow one in my son's room!

Jenn, I will be sending you your payment today. It was just a bad week. Sorry!


CourtneyP said...

Love the two pieces. They look great!

Anonymous said...

Lovethe two pieces!!! I just bought a sander for an old kitchenfor Adrian:) Tell how do you get the layers of paint off the metal pulls?? Elma

Jenny Stevning said...


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

hang in there have MANY MANY fans...the 2 pieces of furniture are gorgeous.LOVELY job!

Georgina said...

Wow, I love the pieces. You did a great job!! Haven't been around much lately...been a bit under the weather, but I'm coming around little by little. Come on over to my blog...I'm having a giveaway just my bloggy buds!!!

chelsea (m) said...

I wish so much that I was that creative and artistic and that you were here to help me do fun projects like that to eventually fill up my new home.

You are wonderful!

Love you lots. and lots.

Pamela Holderman said...

haven't been by for awhile... looks like you have been busy. just love these two pieces - nothing better than chipped paint! your art is always gorgeous too!

Laura Lofgreen said...

Amazing. You are so talented. Come visit me at
Hugs to you.