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1st day

oooh my goodness. it's the 1st day of school today. just got back from dropping off my boys at their new schools. they are so stinkin' brave. they were nervous. very nervous. but they kept it together. i so wish i could shrink myself and hide in their backpacks and give them little hugs all day. it's so hard being the new kid. but also fun...getting to meet new people and experience new things. my tiny baby henry is going to school ALL day long for the 1st time. last year was only 2 1/2 hours. he is a big kid now. i'm in denial for sure!! i hope the day goes well for them. i'm on the countdown for pick-up time. can't wait to hear all about everything!!

going to try and get back to work today! the moving truck drama continues here. we still don't have all our belongings. it's been over 3 weeks. i've never dealt with such incompetent people in my life. don't ever, EVER use Allied Van Lines moving company. sigh. it has really consumed me these past few weeks. i'm trying to let go of some of the anger. it's just not good at all. i don't like being lied to and cheated though. thankfully my sweet parents were here helping us. we could not have done it without them. it was such awesome support in so many ways. my sister and my adorable (i should probably say handsome:)) nephew were even able to visit for a couple of days. we all did some exploring and found some great spots. hooray for that! loved the dallas museum of art and found a great strip of antique shops. yes!

i miss every single one of you like crazy. sooo looking forward to catching up with you all. write me and tell me what you've been up to.

happy monday and happy 1st day of school! (deep breaths, deeeeeeep breaths!!)



1 Funky Woman said...

Oh, Jenn, Happy 1st day of school! I hope you keep busy and don't get too sad! They will have a great day. Sorry about your moving hassles. I will remember not to use that company!

Paula Joerling said...

They look excited and I'm sure they're having a blast.
Sorry to hear about your belongings, hope they find you soon!
Hang in there!

lori vliegen said...

it sounds like everyone is having a "firsts" kinda time there in texas! i'm sorry for all of your challenges with the move......ick.....there's nothing worse than being so unsettled!!! hang tough, sweet's to deeep breaths, and life being a little easier to handle today!! xox, :))

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh Jen...I hope your things find their way to your new home soon. What a mess! We will be moving as soon as our home sells and I dread it. I am crossing Allied off our list to give us a quote so thanks for the heads up!

Your boys look adorable!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Oh God I was the new kid 4 times I hated it!!! But so glad you have a new home!!!

jdavissquared said...

can't believe you're still waiting on your stuff! holy cow!

Summer has been pretty laid back around here...just enjoying the lazy days and fresh produce!

Kayla said...

Happy first day of school. So adorable.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

lulusparkles said...

awww those little cutie patoots of yours are going to have a great school year.
i mean who wouldn't wanna be their friends... i am sure they are cool like their mama.
bekins stinks too~allied is now out for me also. mayflower has always been good to us!
hugs j.

Cris said...

Sweet picture! I'm sure they had a great first day! Mine are all three in different colleges this year, but all commuting from home! Busy place and musical cars in the drive-way every morning. Wow, I just noticed your moved to Texas! Best Wishes in your new home!

Jenny Stevning said...

What! No truck still?? I am so sorry!
Your boys look happy! Love to you!
PS - I know about that little bubble of denial. My daughter started her senior year. How did I get here??

jody said...

hey jenn!
love the first day picture! wow...a move to texas and all that stuff with movers---so sorry! hang in there! i hope your day was great and your boys were happy. I don't know what i'll do when my tiny baby (now 17 months) goes to school all day!
can't wait to hear more about your new home...i have a dear friend in dallas and she loves it!
Take care, sweet Jenn!

Krista, The Accidental Artist said...

Yep I was the new kid a few times... it builds confidence, and gets you out of your shell quick... hope they had a great first day! Hope you had a great first day ... it gets easier with the little one, although I missed my 7 & 10 year old all day yesterday! LOL!

Love this post brings back nightmare memories of our move from Cali to Fla... one day you'll look back on that moving experience and laugh.

Hope you have a great 2nd day!

Susan said...

What a great picture. You are right about being brave. Folks just don't realize the courage it takes to do the things that children do. I am so proud of them. As for the moving van, I would be "losing it" without all my stuff. Three weeks is ridiculous. Hang in there, it's bound to get better.

Beth said...

hi jenn , so sorry to hear your items are still MIA.. that stinks we are having are own ordeal with our move too so i truly feel for you !!!
My little guy started 1st grade too this year and both my boys get nervous no matter what ... brave brave boys :) hang in there thats what i keep telling myself too !! it will all work out!!

andrea creates said...

Hope you get your things soon.Our experience was pretty similar sounding. Not the same company but the communications(and more) were terrible. They didn't leave until we had moved in if I remember right-they thought our move in date was their date to start across the country!Looking back it's almost funny now but sure wasn't at the time-
Happy first days of school :)

Whimsical Folk Artist Blog said...

Love your art...good luck to the boys :)

Miss G said...

I came over to your blog via a link somewhere along the way. Jane's Apron maybe? Anyway, welcome to Dallas. I'm really sorry it's been a rough transition with the movers and all. I live in the area and would be happy to answer any questions about places to eat, shop, etc. if you want. I hope things are settling out. Kelly