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farewell to summer

finished up this painting yesterday...a little farewell to summer.

as we start the 2nd week of school, i think we are all feeling rather nostalgic for summer around here. those snooze buttons are getting a lot more action. (we sure do miss sleeping in.) the boys are a little slower to get out the door. a lot more tears shed by my sweet henry on the way into his class. we're sorry fall. we'll get on board with you soon:):) xoxo

p.s. the painting will hit the shop later today:)


pinkglitterfae said...

its' hard to get back into 'serious' business, especially after a wonderful, long hot summer. I feel bad for the boys especially, school is certainly no fun, after enjoying all that nice freedom :-)
I totally understand the snooze button getting more work, lol!

Great painting, it says it all :-)

luci said...

It will be me pressing that snooze button tomorrow - going back to school doesn't get any easier for grown ups:(

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

I miss summer too! What a lovely painting. Okay, now I want to go to the beach:)

Mon Alisa Design said...

It's the end of winter here...I love the painting! x

The Vintage Sister said...

We will be right there with you next Tuesday. I've already bribed Alex with a trip to the dollar store if he doesn't cry getting on the bus. I thought we would be over this by second grade...I was wrong. It's just a few tears but it makes me feel TERRIBLE!
Sending Henry happy thoughts!

Love the new painting!!

p.s. saw your pages in Holidays & Celebrations. Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

Today was our second day and the little ones did not want to get up. Six thirty is just to darn early for us all. Have a great week. Elma

Jennifer DeDonato said...

I love Fall...however, here in Texas it's not as wonderful like it was when I lived in Boston. I am glad its on its way so we can get a break from the Texas heat.

SKIZO said...

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