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spoOkytime jingles update

peeks of the noodle and lou treats available tonight at! (the houses will be offered individually). especially excited about the update tonight since i missed last month! that pesky moving business made me miss out on all sorts of fun:) and speaking of moving...we FINALLY have received all our belongings. i think it is nothing short of a miracle. really! it was like receiving a big shipment of gifts! i had forgotten about half of the stuff even though i had an inventory checklist. sorta fun:) at least that's the spin i put on it! so, i am busy trying to get everything put away and settled in. it takes so long, doesn't it!? i'll show you some pictures of our new digs as soon as it is presentable:)
now back to spoOkytime jingles tonight! the website will update when the clock strikes midnight (EST) tonight....when it turns to september 13th! i will not be around tonight, so if you email me about purchases you'll have to hold tight until the morning...i'm so sorry! i will honor the emails with purchase requests that come in first. first come, first serve:) i promise to reply/send invoices to you all in the morning after the kiddos are off to school. thanks you guys!!!!!!


Janel said...

Hi Jenn! I love the new goodies, especially all the apple green!! such a fun twist on a N&L original!!

Glad to hear you finally received all your belongings! whew....can't wait to see what you do with the new place,,,hurry up, would ya! ;)

michelle said...

LOVE the new lulettes! And how awesome to be in Somerset! Yeah! Good luck on the unpacking, I hate it!

End of tenancy cleaning said...

Packing , unpackind it's so boring. I like the new goodies,too . Good luck :)

The Dreaming Bear said...

LOVE your little creations! The houses are to die for!!! So sweet! I want all of them, so I can line them up on my fireplace mantle. Good luck with your unpacking...what a job!

The Vintage Sister said...

they all look so cute! love the new green ones!!

Candace said...

Great stuff here and I love those three at the end of this fun post.

Candace, Still in Athens.