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team-up thursday

s m a l l

oh team-up thursday!! how i missed you! especially my sweet buddy/partner carissa! i'm happy to be back from my moving adventures...happy to be back in to the thick of our team-up thursdays! i'm just so ready to shrink myself down to dollhouse size after seeing both our photos.

our theme is small for team-up but it's also a word that has been on my mind a lot lately! my baby henry (not a baby at all at the ripe age of 6 years old!) is growing up so much. right before my eyes! he's not so small anymore. it's such a strange feeling for a mom (at least for this mom). of course i am so proud of him and happy to see him grow and flourish...but there is the other side that would like to shrink him and keep him a tiny guy forever. it seems like yesterday i was rocking him to sleep and now he is a big boy going off to school and doing things for himself. he lost his 1st tooth yesterday! you have never seen a more proud kid and soooo excited for the tooth fairy! how is this my baby!?

and don't even get me started on my jake! i'm starting to have a hard time telling his clothes from my husband's in the laundry! i kind of do a double take like "wait! that's not chris' shirt!".

i know they can't be small forever. but of course they will always be my babies:) so you boys keep on growing and i'll just keep being your silly mom that occassionally tries to shrink you.

happy thursday everyone!



LuLu Kellogg said...

Your children are lovely!


Angela Friend said...

Very cute! And welcome back to team up Thursdays!
Have a great Day!

Megan said...

we missed you two here at team-up! love this combo. and i am so with you on the two growing-up-too-fast-boys scene.

Sophia said...

Your children and beautiful and adorable...just like you!! :) Glad to see you and visit again. Hugs!

Killlashandra said...

Love your combo!

Although I can relate to how small boys aren't as small as they might wish they were. My 5 year old likes to climb up in laps which makes his toddler brother oh so jealous. Although his size just reminds me how fast he is growing up. I can't imagine losing teeth yet though. Hope they tooth fairy left something good for that first tooth. :)