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snowmen and skeleton pirates

tomorrow is halloweeeEEEEEEeen!!
the boys are SO super excited. yahooo!
and since i pretty much skipped over my most
favorite holiday halloween (i say christmas is my
most favorite holiday when it comes around too
you know)...i painted a snowman yesterday.

yep. happy halloween.
here's a snowman:)

well, the weather IS turning chilly here just a
bit. it's actually quite lovely. but after living in
chicago, we sure get a giggle over the people
running around in parkas when it's 50 degrees
outside:) come on! that's tee shirt weather folks!

henry had a fun filled day on friday...halloween
parade and class party. TONS of candy (ohmygosh!)
and lots of fun. much to my crafting dismay he wanted
to be the pirate skeleton AGAIN. 3 years in a row you
guys. crack me up!! at least we mixed it up and put the
captain jack hat and jacket with it this year:) there is a
spooky skeleton mask that he'll wear with it tomorrow
night. henry knows what he wants buddy!

jake is going to be a cowboy. poor thing had no
halloween celebrations at school. just some halloween
math. giggle. i told him he's practically in college.
no more fun and games;)

have a spooky spectacular safe halloween everyone!


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Henry looks dashing in his Pirate gear!
It's turning chilly here too...
we have the extremes here too...I am the one with hat,scarf and gloves whilst the next door neighbour is still in sandals and no socks!
LOVE your little snow man.

Jenny Stevning said...

I am loving your sweet snowman!

Sophia said...

He makes a great pirate! ARrrrr! :D

And your snowman lady is so adorable! I've always loved your work. Yippee!! Hugs

Abi P. said...

Hello there!
I have to confess I'm one of your blog stalkers! lol. I even wrote a blog post about your work & how I love it so much :)
I love your paintings. They make me SO SO happy. I am going to buy one of your pieces, I just can't decide which one.

a fanciful twist said...

Miss Lovely Noooodle :) & lou ;)

I have so many things to say, so I will post them here, is that okay?

(insert you saying okay)

First of all, I am soooo sorry for the loss of your granna. In that young photo of her, I see so much of you.... Am I correct?

What a beautiful gift, to see a glimmer of that most wonderful granna, in your own reflection. Bliss Sigh....

Also, happy lucky 13!!! That photo of you and your beau is so young and fresh, and coupled with your music, makes me feel nostaligc and teary. In a good way. And I don'teven know you in person ;)

So how can I feel nostalgic for those two youngsters in that photo?

I dunno, but I do. :)

BTW you are still youngsters.

Here's to another 13 x's forever.

Happy belated Halloween too. BOO!

You are a darling.



are indeed.

Love, V