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botanical goodness

we had some wonderful company last week. my aunt and uncle were so sweet to stop by and see us on their way to austin (not really at all on their was pretty much WAY out of their way!). we spent some time playing at the fort worth botanic gardens. one of my most favorite places that i have discovered since moving to the area! such a lovely place. and it was a super lovely day. crisp and chilly and it felt like FALL! the sky was a striking blue against the green, orange and red trees.

a quick stroll through the conservatory warmed us up!

little bits of pretty poking out at every turn...

but the absolute hit of the day was the japanese garden. seriously the best one any of us have ever seen! 7.5 acres of meticulous beauty! absolutely incredible. i could stay there all day! (click on the images to see 'em BIG)

i'll take this as my backyard please.

koi frenzy!

just fabulous isn't it!? you must visit if you are ever anywhere near fort worth! so happy you guys were here with me aunt judi and uncle tony!


Artfulife said...

Looks like a little bit o' heaven there. What fun to have such awesome family. Hope you have a great week Jenn!

Blondie said...

Gorgeous photos honey! Hope you have a great Monday! Kori xoxo

Janel said...

Very beautiful indeed Jenn! I would say those photos rival the Bouchart Gardens in Victoria, VanCouver, Canada. They have marvelous Japanese Gardens too!

Glad you are enjoying Texas so far! now when are you coming to Denver??

Jennifer DeDonato said...

those are some great pictures

Heather said...

Ah, lovely lovely! I just love a good koi pond too :) so are you in the dallas/ft worth area now? We're only about 4.5 hours apart now! Welcome to the area :)

Candace said...

So so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with me (and all our other peeps, too!).

Sophia said...

Gosh, what beautiful photos. I love the one with the little pond/lake. Gorgeous and so autumnal cozy! :)

jdavissquared said...

my best friend lives in fort worth, and i know she loves going there and taking pictures. i'll have to make her take me next time i visit!