noodle and lou

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team up thursday

our theme for team up thursday this week was
p a p e r

love how both of our shots had vintage paper. look at that cute little girl in carissa's shot:)

yummy, yummy paper! i have quite an addiction to the stuff. new paper. old paper. collage paper. scrapbook paper. cards. vintage books. magazines.

and more vintage books. and even more vintage books.

i do love paper. especially that old, crispy stuff. i really have tons of it and i adore every single piece!

now...if only i could find a better system for housing all of it! xox...jenn

take a peek at the team-up flickr pool here! amazing stuff there!


Jennie said...

Hey there!
I'm taking some time off next week and wanted to see if you wanted to meet and have lunch. If you have some free time from packing and need an "excuse" for wine let me know!


HipMomma-MelodyA. said...

You two are always so in sync. I too love the vintage look of both of them.

jdavissquared said...

I completely understand! I love papers of all kinds, especially old books!