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vintage tuesday

one of my most favorite things to collect
and re-purpose is vintage fabric.

i have loads of it.

and i constantly snatch up more at
flea markets and sales. the best are tiny
little doll clothes and aprons that are
stained and left for dead. those are the
easiest to cut up.

i'm especially fond of the lace trim and super soft cottons.
and i sure do love the florals. and the old pillow cases.
and the crispy linens. okay. i guess i just adore it
all! don't you!?

i use vintage fabric for all sorts of things. using strips
for tying up packages, cut up fabrics for mixed media
paintings and especially for making little skirts for my
art dolls.

this little gal has a sweet red and white skirt
made from yummy vintage fabric.

enjoy your tuesday everyone! xox...jenn

p.s. for all of you that have been waiting...
i will be having an update later this week
(probably towards the weekend) with
snowman ornaments and more:) yay!


umelecky said...

Love the vintage fabric and the doll wearing the red and white skirt is just adorable. I recently started a collection of vintage fabric myself (it's so much fun). I found some old sugar sacks over the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

andrea creates said...

Oh so cute!
I'll be checking out the update :)

jill said...

The doll is lovely, its lovely to collect vintage fabric, these blogs are making me look at all things vintage in a different way.

Diane said...

I adore vintage fabric and lace--especially the crocheted lace.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

honestly... you create happiness!
pure happiness!

jdavissquared said...

I never seem to find yummy vintage fabric. Maybe I need to look harder!

Anonymous said...

A darling piece Jenn!

Paula said...

I'll have to dig through my goodies for you.