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vintage tuesday and christmas part II

how was your Christmas!?
ours was just wonderful...the boys had a blast!
we have much to be thankful for this holiday.
seems like our lives have been a whirlwind
since the move...but here we are all together.
celebrating this beautiful time of year!

a few photos to share with you for vintage
tuesday! and a few more to finish up the
"noodle and lou christmas" house peeks:)

one of my most fave little trees was one i had
in the kitchen. it was full of only vintage ornaments
and vintage candle holders from my granna.

such a sweet treat. my granna always had the
most fabulously decorated trees every Christmas.

of course i had vintage Christmas bits all over
the house. old chalkware statues got red and white
bows for the holiday...

vintage santas mixed with new santas and

little christmas trees sprinkled through the
house (you can't just have ONE!). this one
with lots of my childhood ornaments. my
nana would give us an ornament every year.
i love the little knit the tiny box at
the bottom. they would have a couple dollars
stuck in there. it would be so exciting!

well, i think i'm just about ready to put away
the decorations. tuck them away until next
year when i can greet them again.

though henry said he would like to leave his
tree up all year:) we'll see...



thea p said...

those Santas and the angel are soo cute!! i only had one tree this christmas, i wish i had more :)
happy new year, thea

Anonymous said...

Love all your goodies!!I just love putting out all the decorations but so glad that it is allput away. Looks like you have a beautiful home jenn:) Elma

Blondie said...

Great photos! Hope you had a great Christmas honey. Kori xoxo

Kelly said...

Love your chalkware. A lot of your decorations remind me of my childhood. :)
My grandma used to give me an ornament every year too.
Merry belated Christmas!

Sophia said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. I love the little vintage wreathes with candles in them. :)

julie Haymaker thompson said...

jenn, did you make you sweet nativity?