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snow day

well, a texas snow day! it's not really sticking
to the ground...but it is snowing. someone
could not resist running out and playing in

we sure don't miss the endless days of
freezing temps in chicago...but we do miss
the snow a bit. the fun sledding trips and
backyard snow forts that would last for

there won't be any snow forts today. or
even a snowball! but it looked pretty
coming down:) xox...jenn

p.s. i'm a bit out of sorts. i've been sick with
a cold for what seems like forever. then i
started breaking out in hives everywhere.
lovely. i'm on meds for a sinus infection and
hoping to feel (and look) like "normal" jenn soon!


Jennie said...

So sorry you're not well. What you are experiencing is what all of us transplants basically live with. The air down here in Texas is just plain weird! LOL

Bet you didn't expect a "blizzard" moving to Texas but a couple of times a year we actually do have a bit of snow. Glad the kids enjoyed it.

Best wishes to you,
Jennie and the Pekes

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenn, I hope you feel better soon. We have had the double p's flu and out of nine eight had it. It took me three days to get over that and then I started on the head cold and sinus. It sucks and I am ready for spring:) Have a super day and get lots of rest:)Elma

Mary Wadsworth said...

Hi honey, well I see I have missed a lot in my absence. You Moved? wow! Hope you feel better soon.

We Blog Artists said...

Oh, hope you feel better soon...
Have you heard of Oil of Oregano?
My friend who brought me the flowers told me about it...I'm going to try and find some today...
HUGS and get better.
P.S.You can come and play in our snow...we have LOTS!

We Blog Artists said...

P.S.Did you enter my GIVEAWAY?

Good Luck!

Sophia said...

Snow in Texas?!?! Whoah! :) But he is so darn cute! :D hee

Abi P. said...

I sure wish it would have snowed here in San Antonio!! :) That would have been great.

Feel better. xo