noodle and lou

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team-up thursday

s t a c k e d

that was the theme for team-up this week.
i went with books and bowls. because i have lots o' stacks of them. and my husband loves it, yes he does! okay, no he doesn't...but too bad:) have i ever mentioned that he would be a total minimalist if it weren't for me?

i think that stacks of magazines and/or yummy books are a fabulous design tool. makes a room look lived it personality. my coffee table is full of them. art books, kids books, design books, history books. there's even a baseball book for my husband. see honey...i'm thinking of you.

i adore carissa's shot for 2 reasons. the PATINA on those old jello molds is out of this world awesome. sooo good. SO good. and i heart old jello molds. a bunch. i have some stacks of those too:)

join in on the fun here! and happy thursday! xox...jenn


andrea creates said...

i heart jello molds too-
and stacks of books and magazines
i have lots of those ;)

paula Joerling said...

I buy the old jello molds every time I see them. I found several boxes of never opened ones at one of my favorite haunts in Philadelphia. Someday I might do something with them.