noodle and lou

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team up thursday...

another thursday has rolled right around!
how do they get here so fast?

our theme this week was behind.
carissa's shot is clever and gorgeous! mine was
a desperate last minute shot...but i am so enjoying
them together! it's like campbell is spying on the
troops....she is SO in charge! adorable!

and speaking of troops...
the noodle and lou troops are on our THIRD snow day
here. we are going cuckoo! send back up! stat! :):):)

happy thursday guys! xoxo...jenn


1 Funky Woman said...

I would seriously scream if we had another snow day!
1 1/2 is too many for me! Love the shot here!

I did a post today referring to you and your art. I hope you get many more visitors and some sales from it!


Susan said...

Hang in there Snow Bird, Spring is just around the corner. I love both shots today. Thumbs up!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you survived!!!!!!
did they go back YET? :O)

love our team up days!
thanks dipping partner!

hugs from wyoming!
hope yall have thawed out SOME. :O)