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team-up thursday

"in the distance"
that's our theme for today's team-up!
i love how each of our photos have a peek of blurred
aqua. they also both seem quite promising. like there
are great adventures through that window and in that
little guy's horizon. trudge on!

and it seems quite appropriate for both carissa and me.
looking for some glimmers of 'hopeful happy' in our
near distances:)

carissa is in that state of moving flux...that one i know so
well (and she sure does too!)...and i truly feel for her!
all those details. it is stress times a billion.
i know that there are OODLES of good
things for her and her sweet family in the near distance!

for me, it's just been one of those weeks. henry has been
home sick all week. bless his heart. high fevers. lots of
coughing. lots of needed snuggling.

on top of that, chris has had a crazy busy week...
home late every night...i haven't been able to get much of
anything done. ugh.

BUT, today is a new day!
trying to look forward!

hope it's a great one for YOU! xox...jenn

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Artfulife said...

Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry your little guy has been sick. We've been fighting some yuckies at our house too. It's no fun when the kids are sick. Hope he feels better soon.