noodle and lou

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full steam ahead

so long spring break!
monday morning....
we aren't quite ready for you.
we are all wishing we were still in bed snoozing away.
waking up whenever we feel like it.
playing all day without a care in the world.

for one of henry...the spring break continues.
sick in bed this morning!  no school for him.  jake was so jealous. 
he was actually sick DURING spring break.  how unfair!  
thankfully it's nothing bad.  just a yucky cough/cold thing that 
keeps going around their schools.  (come on vitamins!  work already!)

so, while this cowboy gets a 1 day reprieve...
the rest of us are full steam ahead!  i have tons and i mean TONS of
new vintage things to list...and a whole bunch of lulettes to finish up
for an update this week!   (FINALLY some new art to share!)...

 happy monday everyone!  xox...jenn

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