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team up thursday

everyday beauty...

the simple and sweet things that you see on a daily basis and maybe take for granted.  there sure can be beauty in everything!  what a great theme for team-up thursday.  made me slow down and appreciate and enjoy.  

my awesome partner and i had the same idea and i adore our pics together!!  one of my favorites so far.  there is also a little serendipity in there too because i bought that vintage glove mold from carissa a couple years back.  i didn't even think of it when i snapped the photo.  i think that is so fun:)  so, my photo has all sorts of everyday beauty...treasures from friends, my nana's old rosary, my granna's little perfume bottle...they are with me every morning.  and carissa's darling hand mirror fits right in.  what a perfect pair!  

take a minute or two or three or fifty...
enjoy those little bits of everyday beauty all around you!  

next week is "upside down".  oh!



Artfulife said...

How fun! I love seeing these Thursday posts. Maybe next year I could join in the fun?

FrostingsNSparkles said...

Wow, you have been published all over the place since I have last been here!! That is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! I have always loved your stuff! Noodle and Lou must be getting big!


lulusparkles said...

cute necklace :)
i would die for a chippy wood chest like that- if ya ever see one give me a holler asap!
you have the BEST stuff!!! so jealous

noodle and lou said...

oh YES! i love my necklace from you lulu!! love it to BITS. everyone should have a sweet piece of jewelry from lulu... take a peek at her things HERE xoxo