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vintage tuesday

happy tuesday to you!
how was your weekend? ours was good...finally got out of this house! the flu has left the building...whew! ba-bye. henry returned to school yesterday after missing a full week. he was all tears too. poor guy. wants to stay home forever. my heart was aching all day, thinking of his sweet little tear stained face when i forced him to go through the school doors. that's a tough one!

thinking about home for vintage tuesday today. all the things we collect and how much they make our house a cozy home. we love to head out on a weekend and search for vintage treasures. chris loves the old bikes and radios (we have reached our capacity on those though!:)) and records, the boys love old army men, pins and games and i love...everything else;)

here are a few of the things i enjoy finding...all photos were taken with the tilt shift generator app on my phone. (dead batteries in the camera)...

rusty and crusty metal it!!

aqua sweet displayed in my old medicine cabinet turned "china" cabinet.

obsessed with old children's chairs. i totally adore them to bits. chris would say we've 'reached our capacity' on those too:)

vintage globes are so fun and really fabulous looking displayed together. this is jake's collection in his room...

ditto for old pennants...(jake's room again)

i have a deep love for old books. especially children's books. swoon. their sweet little illustrations and pretty fonts.

rusty metal boxes...little, big and every size in between! they make for extra special decor in any room!

vintage cameras...

vinyl. lots of it. and yes we play them all! love the sound of a record!

old pieces of architectural salvage and letters are another favorite of mine...

what sorts of vintage treats do you search out? does the whole family get involved? what's your fave way to display your treasures? do tell! xox...jenn


Soggy Dog Studios said...

Soooo that's who's been hoarding all the globes! :)
I LoVe Vintage Tuesdays and your own collection is sooo lovely! Cheers to good school days and no more tears! :) xoxo - Kim

Sophia said...

I LOVE the old books and how you turned the medicine cabinet into a china cabinet!! =) And so glad to hear that everyone is feeling better. Yeah! Hugs

Angela said...

Those collections are great and so wonderfully displayed!!

andrea creates said...

it's funny you ask, cause i was just thinking all of your photos are of some of my favorite vintage things....i do like to scout out old buttons too :)

glad you're all feeling better!!