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vintage tuesday

hey everyone!  sorry i missed posting for vintage tuesday today.  i got that dreaded call from the school.  "come get your son, he has a fever".  phooey.  poor henry.  i sat with him most of the day.  watching scooby doo and phineas and ferb and that stupid spy kids movie (for the billionth time... heeeelp!).  he's such a sweetie though.  i love having him near.  so... i'm going to cheat for vintage tuesday.  it's a repeat post...but from a year ago!  maybe it's "new to you" :)  one of my fave, little, easy peasy projects!  enjoy...

looking for a way to add some charm to your little one's space?
here is an easy and fun noodle and lou vintage project!

i seem to always come across little mismatched, play, tea plates at flea markets and estate sales.  sure, they are great for tiny tea parties...but it got me thinking of another fun use for them.  

a pint size, vintage plate collection as wall decor!  absolutely darling in a little girl's room over a bed or above a play table where tea parties take place....or hang them low on the wall, above a little vintage play crib (as i have in my photos).  you could even collect boy themed plates (little boy blue, circus, etc) for a sweet boy's nursery!  

such a simple idea and one that the kids can help out with! 
scour flea markets, garage sales and antique malls for 
vintage, play plates.  you can find them in plastic, tin and 
porcelain.  vintage jelly jar lids work fabulously too! 

for hanging on the wall, either use fun-tak (if your plates aren't too heavy and/or you don't want holes in your wall) or glue can tabs on to the backs of your plates...

now it's time to hang on the wall!  i think it turns out better when you just stick 'em up without a plan.  but if you want a plan... lay out a large piece of paper on the floor.  display your plates how you like them on top of the paper (fun for the kids to do!), then trace around the plate shapes.  you now have a template for the wall!

an absolutely darling way to display a collection!  hang 9 or hang 49...either way guarantees smiles!  and it's always a happy thing when a child appreciates vintage treasures!  enjoy!  xox...jenn

p.s. if you use this idea,  i'd love to see a photo...have fun!

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