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happy birthday dear jake

my baby boy,
my first born,
the 4 year old frog master of our tallahassee back yard,
the prolific reader and artist,
the author of an upcoming old west book,
mr. noodle himself...
turns 11 today.

e l e v e n  
hard to believe!  remember a couple birthdays ago when i showed photos of him through 9 birthdays...  i've looked at that a couple times already this morning.  thinking back on all the elaborate birthday parties i threw for him.  thinking back on the night i went into labor.  the next night having an emergency c-section.  him finally being OUT and safe and sound.  it was scary.  i've never felt so helpless in my life.  but that trauma slowly subsided and we enjoyed every second of our brand new sweet baby.  our jakob was amazing.  sleeping through the night after a couple months, always happy, so easy going, so giggle-ey, SO cute.  in his eleven years we have dragged him through 4 states, 8 houses and 4 different schools.  things have changed a lot since those baby days and we manage through what seems like tough teenager, (but i know will get even harder), years.  but one thing remains....we love him with all our hearts every single day...every single moment.

we are so proud of you.
we adore your sense of humor and your big laugh.
we love your passion for writing and drawing.
we appreciate how sensitive and caring you can be....
and what a huge heart you have.
we love you and wish you the happiest birthday yet!
happy 11th jake!!! and dad


andrea creates said...

how sweet! happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

super sweet jenn- such amazing memories... i wish i could be with jake today so much!
you have done an amazing job of raising jake and he is the unique, artistic, and talented boy he is because of you!! (and chris too of course!)
give jake a big hug for me and i'll call him tonight!
love you, ali

Carolee said...

What a sweet post...Happy Birthday, Jake!

~ Carolee

Sophia said...

Goodness! He's really growing!! Wow! Happy Birthday, Jake! :D Rock on!

Susan said...

WoW, he is almost a teenager for real. Happy Birthday, Jake!

Anonymous said...

jake is the most amazing, creative, talented, brilliant, funny, extremely handsome, soooooo artistic and is going to be a famous author one day!!!!11 year old ever!!!! WE LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDSON... Mia & Pappy

julie king said...

what a sweet tribute to the birthday boy! happy belated b'day to jake!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

hAppY birthdAy jAkE!
mr noodle! :O)

what a kid!
what a trooper!
what a mark he'll make in this world!