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i'll just stand thank you

the easter bunny visited henry's school last week and i sent in $5.00 for him to get a photo.  let me tell you right now...the best $5.00 i have ever spent in my life!!  i was squealing like a lunatic when i saw it!  henry said they told him to sit in the bunny's lap, to which he replied there was definitely not enough room.  i'll just stand thank you.

the way he is standing there with his arm around the easter bunny, like they are old college roomates, is absolutely priceless.   i adore it.

wishing each of you a happy and blessed easter!  xox...jenn


charlotte said...

omg, how cute is he! and such style ... "I'll just stand, thank you!"
happy Easter!

Janel said... with a little ham!


He is the sweetest!

Happy Easter my friend!

tascha said...

I love it! Kudos to Henry for being brave enough to choose to stand next to him against the request of the photographer. Such a sweet photo!

Lisa Nelson's Art said...

Oh my gosh - I saw this photo and had to come in for a closer look. It's really different and absolutely precious! Have a Happy Easter, Jenn and family!

mia said...

love this picture!!! Henry is such a classic!!!!!! just love him... Mia

Sophia said...

Very, very adorable! :)