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team up thursday!

hello thursday!  so excited to be back to team up this week.  and was a little bit of a tough one!


team up design

sounds simple enough at first.  but then the zillions of possibilities start rolling around in your head.  what do you think of when you hear design?  i first thought of fashion.  it was my dream job as a kid and teenager.  i would study my stacks and stacks of magazines.  i knew everything there was to know about every designer.  i would cut out inspiration and hang it all over my wall.  sketch outfits instead of studying for my moby dick symbolism test.  (come on...did melville REALLY intend all that symbolism!?)  my idol was betsey johnson.  totally adored her to BITS. still do.  if i ever met her in person i would pass out.  but anyhooo...that was my first "design" thought.

as an is a big part of my life too.  the composition of a painting...the patterns...the colors.  oh boy.  design is tough.

and then there's interior design...another huge passion for me.  i've told you before...i'm a chronic "mover-arounder".  always tweaking this and that...finding new uses for old pieces...pouring over home design books.
it's a slight case of OCD.  i'll admit it.  yep...i'll know if you move my couch a half an inch.  i like things "just so".  BUT...i'm not totally kooky about it...i do live with 3 boys ya know;)

so, all this thinking and i wound up with a picture of my chair/pillows next to the bookcase.  go figure!  but look how well our photos go together.  the polka dots, the red...  i sure do love my team up partner and HER awesome design sensibility!  and i sure do love that lucky pillow made by my beautiful pal catherine.  and i do adore all my books displayed by color.  and if you look really close (and i JUST noticed this) you'll see a copy of melville's billy budd.  ha!



Isabel said...

Love the colors! Know what you mean if the couch has been moved!LOl:) I have 3 boys too...Have a great day!!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i am a furniture "mover-arounder" too!
keeps things fresh doesn't it! :O)
makes things feel new all over again!

all i know... you have the design knack!

thanks for the fun dipping!

happy friday gf!
hope it's a goody!