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team up thursday


we all struggle with finding the right direction...
the right path.  deciding which way to go.  i was 
excited about the team up challenge this week. 
thinking of direction in terms of a photo...

carissa claims her photo wasn't the most exciting, 
but i happen to love it!  

"start here"

yes please!  i NEED a manual like that lately.  
telling me where to start.  exactly what to do and 
when.  you know that feeling when you have SO 
much to do that you can't get anything done?  
living that lately.  big time.  not a good feeling.  
gotta find a way to get back on track.  find a good
balance.  it seems i have been discombobulated 
since the move.  haven't bounced back yet. but, 
i takes time!  i'll get there:) 

my photo has some of my most favorite little 
vintage bowling pin guys.  one guy not following 
the crowd...following his own direction!  
here's to marching to the beat of your own 
drum...going against the grain...finding your path 
and marching it with confidence!  woohoo!!



Kori said...

Loving this!!!!! Have a great day honey! Kori xoxo

Paula said...

Love the bowling pin guys-I feel like that everyday. I know what you mean about being discombobulated-eveything in my life feels like a mess right now -like I need to get the salad back in the bowl. This too shall pass I presume........


Great words :) :) And the cutest little guys :)