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vintage tuesday

hey there everybody!
wow...what a nice break i had.  but i sure did miss you all! my mom came for a visit and we had so much fun. we did TONS of junking...i mean TONS.  my mom is a machine!  she could shop all day everyday and she adores antiques and yeah...sign me up!  we found sooo many are a few peeks for vintage tuesday!

and look what she left for me as a surprise...
this darling doll just really spoke to me when we
saw her, but i passed her up (and kept thinking
about her for days!!!).  well, my mom
snuck and bought her!  thank you mom!!!!!

it was such a fun happy my mom could
spend this time with us.  shopping, exploring...

and EATING (p.s. best coconut cream pie ever!!)

have a great tuesday!  xoxo...jenn

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andrea creates said...

looks like you were a successful treasure hunter :)