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vintage tuesday

ring, ring, ring...
just calling to say happy tuesday! 

my photo from here

vintage telephones are so fun to decorate with, and if you are lucky enough to have a working one to chat on...even better!  the little play rotary tin phones are my most favorite.  line 'em up on a shelf  for a darling display.  

now, get out your phone book and enjoy these vintage phone picks for vintage tuesday! 

hello, operator?
vintage photo from main street books

1940's telephone from carpebellus

don't you miss rotary phones?  i do.  
remember those phone numbers with lots 
of nines or zeros?  ooooh the waiting!  
rotary dial front from second seed

darling in pink...
vintage toy phone from Mademoiselle Chipotte

pick a color...
70's wall phones from joe vintage

metal play phone from aunt lettuce

vintage casanova "little black book" phone book from hornets nest vintage.  girls...stay clear of the fellas that own this! :) 

super cute playskool phone from sofralma

1950's bell telephone advertisement from JVoyage




Happy Tuesday back! What a fun post :)

Kori said...

Look at that pink phone! I die! Great post honey! Have a wonderful Tuesday sweetie! Kori xoxo

Abi P. said...

i love those vintage telephones! so adorable!

Isabel said...

I miss these phones!!!

Meg said...

I grew up playing with one my dad played with when he was a kid! I was so excited when I went to a garage sale and I found one that looks exactly the same! I put it on my bookshelf, its so fun! Love the pink one! Mine is red!

Megan (1 Funky Woman)