noodle and lou

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maggie art doll

yes i did already post once today...but i had a spur of the moment idea to go ahead and list this little wall lulettes gal!  i'll be heading over to the shop in just a second to get her on there.  she has the sweetest little freckles.  her name is maggie.  she wears a skirt made of vintage fabric and carries a basket full of vintage millinery flowers and an old stamp-turned flag.

bye for now!  xox...jenn


Janel said...

hi Jenn!

Love the new gal, her freckles are lovely!

Hope your summer is off to an amazing start...the heat is on, so to speak, huh? ;)

A pool would be divine, wouldn't it? 2am dips when it's just too hot to sleep..

Have a good one my friend!

andrea creates said...

aw, she's so pretty! love the little details :)

Papillon Bleu said...

I love the way you paint faces. The expression is so soft and your doll looks so peaceful.