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summer heat

it is full swing summer here in texas!  it is hot. hot. hot!!  and it will just get hotter.  i'm realizing the importance of having a pool,  having a friend with a pool, or belonging to a pool here.  we are zero for three on that list and slowly melting.  but we do have a hose and the kids have quickly made that their best friend when outside!   still dreaming of a nice nestea plunge off the side of a pool though:)  ahhhhhh.

happy friday to each and every one of you!  i have a giveaway in the stay tuned for that!!  it's been much to long since i've had one.  and you deserve it!!  xoxo...jenn

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Sophia said...

Love love your little peeps! :) Hopefully you'll get a pool in the scenario of things real soon! :D Hugs