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goodbye summer

happy, happy monday to you!  summer is officially OVER for us this morning.  the boys went off to school.  6th grade and 2nd grade.  so unbelievable.  they are SO grown up, it's not even funny.  i made them a special breakfast (hard boiled eggs, waffles and fruit salad was their choice)... packed their new lunch boxes and backpacks...they put on their new school clothes and shoes and went off on their way!  they are sitting there right now learning new things.  louie is sleeping and the house is sooooo quiet.  i'm ready though.  ready to get back to work and have a little free time to myself once in awhile!  chris' classes start thursday.  his second semester of teaching quantum field theory.  (what the heck IS that!?)  he really loves it.

as a little tribute to the end of summer, i did a new painting.  sort of a self portrait.  it's me and the boys and louie...but it could be anyone really.  chris wanted to know where he was.  sorry honey.  i painted it in another one of my OLD vintage berry drawers and attached a chippy old red ball to the top where a drawer pull once was long ago.  i seriously LOVE painting on the galvanized metal...and love the old wood that frames it.  makes for a pretty cool little piece of art to hang in your favorite room, don't you think!?

 it will be headed over to the shop in just a moment:)
and here a couple more pics of my little sweetheart louie...oh my i love this dog.  absolute cutest little bundle of love ever....hard to snap a picture of this moving target!

and a couple pics of the boys.  henry lost his front tooth last night!  the night before 2nd grade!  so cool. and guess what?  the tooth fairy left a teeny tiny note and a couple EXTRA bucks for a great 1st day of school.  wow, huh!?  he was over the moon proud.  i'm secretly sobbing on the inside because he totally looks like a BIG kid now.  but still so cute:)  and here they are off to school this morning.

i do have lots more pictures of our vacation to share with you...but our internet has been so sketchy lately.  it takes forever and a day to upload them.  grrrr...stupid internet dish.  such a nightmare!  okay...i'm off.  have a great day everyone!  and to all of you who have little (and big) kids headed off to their 1st days...wishing you a fabulous school year!!  xoxo...jenn


Jill said...

wonderful painting! I have 3 boys, so I love this!

Paula said...

Oh my gosh, I love this painting. You're all animated and excited like "lets go" and the kids are a tad apprehensive. You really captured the first day of school that I remember.
LOVE that Louie!


JENNY said...

Your boys are so handsome. Oh, the bittersweetness of the first day of school! I miss that!
That Louie! He is beyond precious.
Your painting is wonderful!

Papillon Bleu said...

I wonder what the tooth fairy brought under the pillow? The puppy??( giggles)
This cute pup is so adorable!
Your sons are really handsome. The photo is fabulous.

Beautiful painting as ususl!

Carrie said...

zomg that's the cutest puppy!!! Happy first week of school :)!