noodle and lou

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my parents' house...

hope this wednesday finds you well!  we had a great weekend...with some lovely weather!  finally dipped below 100 and we had some cool temps in the 70's and 80's!  it felt
a m a z i n g!!!!
now if we could only get some rain.  the drought continues here in texas and it is so bad.  fires everywhere.  ugh...just terrible.  but anyways...on a happy note...i finally got through some of my vacation pictures.  and wanted to share some shots of my parents' house!  you will love it.  it is like a mexican vacation spot.  a really, really nice one.  full of  bright, happy colors, family heirlooms, religious icons, big bold furniture pieces, mixed patterns, funky art and mexican treasures.  when they bought this place there was not a plant in sight...just a couple palm trees.  now it's a lush, cozy retreat.  you seriously feel like you are in another world when you are there.  my mom has such a talent for should be her job.  and their home should be in a magazine for sure.  i haphazardly jumped out of the car and took these shots as we were leaving town and my iPhone pictures do not do it a bit of forgive the poor quality of some of these.  even will be ready to move in!  here ya go...  (click on the pics to see them larger!)

they laid old chicago brick all around the
charming and rustic!!

the inside is full of mexican tile and bright paint colors on the walls.
everywhere you look is eye candy galore!!

different styles and patterns everywhere you look and
they all work so PErFECTLY

my biggest supporters...noodle and lou sprinkled
throughout the house

mexican coconut masks

art from my sister and me...
my sister's wonderful painting on top
and my creation on the bottom (a gift for my dad's 60th)

lots of good books to look through

and cabinets full of fun treasures.

the pool is just the right size for cooling off 

the awesome master bedroom...

and the guest room...

adore all the little touches of mexico everywhere you look.  the last photo is of a cabinet that i decoupaged for them during one of my visits.  we got a book full of iconic mexican illustrations, ads and art...cut it up and decoupaged onto the drawer faces and sides.  it is so killer now.

so, that's the quick tour!  don't you just love it?  i sure do.  and i love my mom and dad...thanks you guys for always making our stay with you so special!!!  xox...jenn


Anonymous said...

Everything she made is so eye pleasing. (especially you.)

Mom said...

wow the above comment is so true!!!!!!!! thanks, Jenn, for the great decorating praise!!!hope one day we can combine our talents..... love you

Jamie said...

Wow! Jen- The energy is so awesome. I love it. You can definitely see where you get your artistic eye from. What a blessing and such a lovely home. I am inspired and love especially how she mixed the patterns. Their home bleeds love, awesome art and all the things they cherish for sure! Lovely, thanks for sharing!

Janel said...

Hi Jenn!

I have some serious catching up to do! Glad you a had a fun summer despite the heat!

Louie?? Oh my gosh, I am in puppy heaven! He is just precious beyond words. I adore the name you picked for him too..

One of these days I'll shoot you an email!

Miss you!

Elma said...

WOW!! Talent sure runs in the family!!! Love everything and all the bright colors. A happy home for sure. I love the guest beds headboard:) Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Some people just know colour and pattern! I loved being taken through the lively home... Thank you!

I have just become a follower, and I love your work... what I have seen. I am just getting my art up into cyber world too, and am loving it...

thanks for showing us your treasures!