noodle and lou

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time for a spookytime jingles update...

yep...the 13th just keeps rolling around.  and that means the spookytime jingles site will update tonight at (or around) midnight (EST) with all new pieces.  sure do appreciate all of you who come over and take a peek...thank you!  and speaking of are some of my pieces for september...

"lucy and her snowmen" mixed media christmas piece

halloween lulettes trio

"Hal" wooden lulette fellow on a vintage block

another lulettes trio.  and that's it!  i will also
have some new halloween pieces hitting the etsy shop

and how about a peek at my little (not so little) baseball star.  henry started fall ball last week.  he is so darn cute.  missing both his front top teeth, so he's a little stingy with the smiles lately.  at least he will still take a picture for me.  i practically have to tie jake down to get a shot of him.  and how about those dirty cleats on my carpet.  oooh yeah.

and i have to show you my baby louie!  what a love.  having a puppy is literally like having a toddler running around the house...but we are so in love with him.  all the work is worth it:)  he is so funny and mischevious and cuddly and loving.  such a character.

bye for now!  xox...jenn

p.s. i apologize if there are big gaps/spaces between pics
and/or text.  having trouble with blogger layout.  hmmm?


We Blog Artists said...

Your Lucy and her snowmen is so is your puppy...and your handsome son!
I'm sure you're one proud Mama!


Isabel said...

Love all the pics:O) Snowmen are too cute and oooo I love the doggie:O) too cute.

Jamie said...

Louie is so sweet. I love the sleepy picture. Nothing like a puppy, the breath, the bites, the baby-ness! I love it. Keep them coming. Love the lulettes too, very cute Halloween fun. xxoo

Karen said...

Love your Halloween lunettes, but your son and puppy are so sweet too!