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vintage tuesday

what's that?  it's wednesday?'re right.  but i won't tell if you don't.  tuesday blew by me like a hurricane.  i got caught up in the missoni craze at target in the morning...and went downhill from there;)  but i did end up with a few cute pieces of clothes.  what can i say.  that inner '16 year old - fashion diva -dying to be a fashion designer' came out in me.  i'm better today;), now that you think i'm crazy....let's get to the post i was supposed to do yesterday!

vintage tuesday.
today, it's all about the makeover.  taking your finds from garage sales, flea markets and curbs...and making them your OWN.   ugly does not scare me.  and seriously...sometimes there is something so ugly it's CUTE!  that's how i felt about this $20 garage sale chair i picked up earlier this year.  i kinda loved the green color and the funky vinyl rose pattern.  but after living with it for some months, it bothered me.  i wasn't feelin' it.  i think it was more ugly than cute.  so i got out my vintage fabric scraps, scissors, glue gun and staple gun and gave it a little makeover.  and now...
i love it to bits!  here's the before pics...

 and AFTER...taaa daaaa.

i had that old burlap sack and really wanted to use it on a chair.  still need to get a few wrinkles out...but i also kind of enjoy the imperfection of it.  i also used scraps of my beloved bark cloth and then some ticking cotton and old linen dish towels.  i just pieced it together...stapled it, then took ripped shreds of old fabric and hot glued them over the seams as piping.  yes.  hot glue.  will it last forever?  no.  but it's durable enough for now and guess what?  i can just rip it off and change it when i start itching for a new change!

how do you like that gaggle of cords behind the bookshelf?
since fixed.  thank you:)

so cute...and super comfy!  i love mixing up all these
patterns and textures.  sure makes me happy on a
tuesday...or wednesday...or any day!
hope it inspires you to create something fun too!


Jamie said...

Wow, Jen, that's super cute. Next thing I know you'll end up on "Picker Sisters". Very fun. I love the energy and it looks really perfect with the walls and room. Such a creative soul!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG, I love this. I have an old chair that if I don't have time to redo, it's coming with me to the shows to work on when I have a free moment.

Sophia said...

Pssssttt! I won't tell! ;)

LOVE what you've done with the chair and the perfect cozy room you placed it in. Ahhh. Hugs!

Karen said...

What a fabulous transformation, very inspiring indeed!

art house mum said...

Super cute! Is the hessian scratchy? I love how the history of the chair is so enhanced by the history of all the fabrics that now adorn it...

Thanks for letting us see it!