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round top, warrenton trip...part 1

finally, some photos from our trip!  it was such a great time...full of laughter and fun!  and DUST and HEAT.  holy momma. it was hot.  i mean really, really hot.  but we hung in there and got dirty and sweaty all in the name of antiquing!  we had about a 4 hour trip and when we got to the tiny little round top road, we could barely wait for what was at the end.  the prettiest little town.  population 90.  round top, texas y'all!  and right beyond that...sweet little warrenton where zapp hall was waiting for us!

zapp hall was many treasures to
see.  there's my mom with the cart.
isn't she cute?  i think i was in antiquing shock.
just so happy to be there and trying to take it all
in...i don't think i bought a thing that 1st day.
and i forgot to take very many pictures...
which leads me to the biggest miss.  NO pics
of theresa of garden antqs and her gorgeous
booth.  what. the. heck.  but just click above,
and go to her blog for yummy pictures.
it was beautiful and it was delightful to meet
theresa in sweet and talented.

i did get a couple shots of the fab junk gypsy tent...

rusty blue pedal car full of pillows?  yes please.

ali and my mom...

awesome vintage dresses everywhere
always love to find letters and numbers...don't you?
so, despite the heat and overwhelming excitement...we made it
through our 1st day of travel and shopping.  time to eat.
we headed off to fayetteville to joe's place.

good ol' southern home cookin'!
so delicious. every bite was an absolute treat.
and even though they were packed and super
busy...we got a table within 30 mins and the
service was awesome.
best chicken fried steak and green beans...

and super delicious bread pudding.  ohmygosh.  my mouth
is watering thinking about it.  incredible.  so good that
we went back the next night!  i'm not even kidding.
so, with way full bellies and 6 lbs of dust in our shoes...
we drove the hour to our hotel.  it was lots o' driving.  but
we didn't care!  because the next day was marburger!!!
and i did a better job at snapping some photos for you:)

to be continued...  xoxo


Anonymous said...

Wow, sound like and adventure! I've never been to the States, and Texas cooking seems to be something really unique... sure looks filling! Looking forward to the next load of pics... grace

PS. Yes, your mum is cute! how cool to have these adventures together! g

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That food looked delish! What was the name of the place, or did I just miss it. Thanks for stopping by and you were right, it was so hot you almost couldn't think straight. I know it's normally more hotter in the Fall, but this was the worst as far as the humidity goes.

Mom said...

Wish I was right back there!!! I have two amazing, beautiful daughters!!!!!!The most fun ever!!! I am soooo blessed!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Jen! You have confirmed my reasons for taking the same trip. It's been on my bucket list and I can not wait to do it sometime in my life. Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us! Looks like you had a blast and what a great memory with your Mom and Sis.