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vintage tuesday

happy tuesday to you and you and YOU!  there just seems to be way too much to do in a short amount of hours lately.  training mr. louie, filling orders, managing the kids' schedules and the house...etc.   you guys know the deal.  i have been pretty much ignoring my vintage shop.  i did get some photos of new treats this week though.  i hope to get these listed this week.  i hope.  i do, i do:)  

what do you do when it all just seems to much?  what do you do to treat escape?  me?  i crawled into bed early last night with my little snuggle puppy and watched bravo.  my guilty (not so guilty...because i don't care!) pleasure:):)  beverly hills housewives?  ring it.  love it.  perfect escape from my own craziness:)  xox...jenn

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cute little guy