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cyber monday

black friday...cyber monday...they are all the same to me!  so, the noodle and lou 20% off sale will last through today!  hooray, hooray!  that goes for everything in my etsy shop.  AND the vintage shop too.  nothing new vintage wise...just haven't had time...but maybe there was something you've had your eye on.  still use the BLACKFRIDAY20 coupon code at checkout.  20% will magically come off your invoice:) ta daaaa! i even have a few new things that are headed to the shop right after i post this.  and can get 20% off these too.  fun, right!?  here's what's new...

i'll leave you with a photo of 5 month old mr. louie.  or maybe i should call him mr. chewy. he swallowed a SOCK over the weekend and had to be rushed to the animal hospital.  thank you God, they were able to get him to throw it up.  i have no idea how this tiny 8 lb. dog can get a sock up or down his throat.  but he did.  and i'm so thankful he didn't choke or need surgery.  my crazy little baby is constantly trying to shove things down his throat.  please grow out of this phase quickly louie. oy vey.   xoxo...jenn

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sUz said...

oh jeNn! so sorry about that rascal chewie louie! i hope he does outgrow it fast! that's excitement we can do without!
the new shop items are super adorable and the doll is super holiday chic! xOx, sUz :)