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muffin men and flower girls

okay my friends... 4 more ornaments are headed to the shop in just a bit here.  (9:30 pm EST again!)  here is a peek for you!  first up is something new... the muffin men.  where do i come up with these silly names?  my silly head!  they are made in little chocolate molds and hang from twine.  i think they are so cute and they remind me of a little loaf pan.  i told you i'm silly!  next up are the last 2 flower girls.  i may be acquiring some more tin pieces and could make more for after thanskgiving...but not sure!

terrible photo!  blech!!  sorry!

thanks so much for stopping by!
and HUGE thanks to all of you that
snapped up treasures from the update
last night.  i adore you all!  xoxo...jenn

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