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spookytime jingles

time for another spookytime jingles update!  i don't want to scare you or anything...but christmas is in 43 days.  have you picked yourself up off the floor yet?  so hard to believe.  it just sneaks right up on ya, doesn't it?  i'm working on tons of christmas stuff.  lots.  i'll start having christmas updates next week.  making christmas villages, snowmen, sculptures, ornaments and paintings.  hooray!

and here is what i have for the spookytime jingles update tonight...
"the flower girls".
sweet little ornaments with hand sculpted/painted faces on vintage tin light reflectors.  tattered scraps of polka dot fabric were used for the hangers.  i love the way they turned out!  hope you love them too:)

there are 6 of these gals available and for halloween there will be the last 2 jack-o-lantern ornaments available.  hope you can stop by!  as always, the site updates around midnight (EST) when it turns to the 13th of the month.

a note about getting to my christmas page... on the site you are directed to my halloween page first.  just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the NEXT button.  that will lead you to my christmas page.  if you keep clicking NEXT you will scroll through the whole collection of STJ artists.  that's always fun to do!  still having a hard time?  here's the direct link to my christmas page...
click here

happy weekend you guys! xox...jenn


andrea creates said...

those girls are really cute!
and no-i can't believe it's only that many days til christmas!! i'd better get ready soon :)

Janel said...

Those are awesome Jenn! I sure hope to remember to jump online before bed tonight!

have a good one!

Karen said...

I just love your pretty creations!