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hello sunday...and hello to you!  the flu has been lingering at our house and i am glad to see it leaving.  so, how  have YOU been?  we managed to get out and do some trick or treating.  jake was on the fence about dressing up, but finally threw some cowboy clothes on (and collected a bag full of candy)...which is why i didn't get many pics of him.  henry was a mad scientist.  with a battle ax of course.  he was quite convincing...loved it!  he is trying to act really mean in the photos...are you scared?  p.s. that is what my hair looks like in the morning.

happy sunday!  xox...jenn

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Susan said...

Love the pictures! His mean face is sooo scarey and I love the reflection of the sunset in his goggles. And when did his brother grow so tall? Where are your little boys? I have so loved watching them grow up here. Thanks for being secure enough to share your life with us. You rock!