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update tonight!

here's a peek of what's heading to the shop tonight (9:30 p.m. EST) ...

there are 5 snowman ornaments.  if you are interested in a special order of these...or of my lulettes me soon.  i will stop taking orders pretty soon.  thanks!

also... i know i told a few of you that i miiight have a couple more flower girl ornaments tonight.  well, i didn't get the photos done of, i'll put them in the shop tomorrow night.  sorry about that!

and last, but not least... the paintings shown are simple and sweet paintings on a couple large pieces of wood....all covered in lots of mica.  these 2 will be listed at a special low price:)  yay!

okay...i'm off!  hope to see you over at the etsy shop tonight:)  xox...jenn


Elma said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh I really want the snowman painting!!!

Paula said...

Love it all-you've been busy!

Mary at FOUND said...

those snowmen ornaments are ADORABLE!