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advent calendar project

happy december 1st!  the countdown to christmas is officially on!  we usually bring out the little santa advent calendar every year and each day, one of the boys, puts santa in the correct day's pocket.  over the past 11 years, santa has taken a bit of a beating.  (no, i want to put santa in the pocket! nooo, i do!)  time for santa to retire.  (i'm making the little santa into an ornament for the tree, so we can always remember his loyal service).    i wanted something new and fun this year.  something that they both could benefit from.  though somehow i'm pretty sure they will find something to fight about anyways...:):)

here's what i came up with...  and guess what?  you can do it too!  super easy and you can add all sorts of your own style to this project!

i started with simple little muslin bags,
you can find them on etsy or at your
local craft stores...

next, i used all sorts of different
types and sizes of numbers from
my vintage collection.  you could
also paint or stencil numbers,
use stickers, magazine cutouts...etc

i then attached to numbers, 1 - 24,
just using glue dots. (i told you this
was EASY.  i like easy.)
you could also sew them  on, staple
them with a bit of ribbon...etc!

i then filled up the bags with tiny treats...
1 for each of them, each day...
candy, coins, ornaments, toys,
henry loves those little squinkies.
they crack me up.  he lines them up
on his shelf in his room:)

next, just use your favorite garland or
even twine, and tie the bags on!  

i've had this sparkly white
pom pom garland for awhile and i think
this is the perfect use for it!

ta da! i adore the simple look and the boys
will be so excited when they get home from school
and see it...
**click on the photos to see them in
their entirety**

as you can see, this is the first of
the decorations.  i'll keep you posted
as we decorate more!

thank you louie for taking a nap
so that i could get this done today:)


Artfulife said...

Love this idea Jenn!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea to :) My kids are into those squinkes to and have so much fun with those things.
I really like that green little cabinet on the mantel to. What is it??? Elma

Jenny said...

It's official jenn, I want to come live at your house. Will you adopt me?

noodle and lou said...

thanks summer! Elma, I call that piece a chicken coop shelf:). it's actually a newer piece...made to look old. my parents found it somewhere along their travels. and Jenny, come on over! I'll put some extra squinkies in there for ya! xoxo

Anonymous said...

cutest idea ever!!!!the boys must be thrilled!!! your creativity and talent amaze me!!!!mom